History: The Church from 1800 to 1990


The building has seen many changes over the years.  It was enlarged in 1854 and a new front added in 1860 which included the imposing pillars which are still present today.  In 1882 the interior was completely renovated and a new gallery installed under the leadership of architect John Sulman.  The school room was built in 1838/39 and the vaults were also constructed.  The school room was much enlarged and class rooms were added in 1870.  A further seven class rooms were added in 1888 together with a larger vestry.  1928 saw the formation of the dias (then referred to as the rostrum) and alterations to the choir stalls.

There were two aisles and the pulpit and organ had always been placed centrally.  In 1962 a new organ was installed with side console.  The pipes, etc., were installed in the balcony and the pulpit was remodelled and placed to one side enabling the apse to be opened up.  In 1978 the Copeman Hart organ was installed and in later years the front two rows of the choir pews each side were removed, thus enlarging the dais area.

Work was carried out on the roof in 1980 and in 1981 the interior of the sanctuary was re-decorated.  The lighting in the sanctuary has been improved on various occasions, progressing to lights set into the ceiling.

In 1981/82 the Den area in the lower ground and home to the uniformed organisations, and the rooms on the first floor were subject to extensive alterations.

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